At the very core of our being exists the desire to know God. Beyond the understanding of science, buried deep within each of us, is a natural spiritual essence. Our very soul.

Throughout the ages, mankind has considered the soul, and pondered the meaning of life. And the mystery is not entirely without answer. God has not hidden himself.  Wisdom and understanding are given to those who ask and believe.

The secrets to life, success, and happiness are not under lock and key. God the Father, has called us his children. He is the vine and we are the branch. We are the rightful owners of a divine inheritance. We are spiritually adopted and born again, into the realm of the supernatural.

God is real and the evidence is in your life. It is in you.

Act 1 –¬†Knowledge of Good & Evil

Act 2 – The Divine Birth

Act 3 – Works by Faith

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