The Ultimate Benefit of Salvation

There are many benefits of salvation and being born again brings many rewards. While it is common that a person is relieved they will escape the torment of hell, the ultimate benefit of salvation is the removal of sin.

Salvation is the grace of God. There is nothing we can do to earn salvation and even once saved, the born again Christian remains in the flesh. The flesh is weak and sinful. The born again Christian although saved will continue to commit sin.

Knowing Christ and accepting the grace of God through salvation doesn’t remove you from a world of darkness, nor does it mean you will no longer sin. It simply means your sins past, present and future are forgiven. The born again Christian remains in a dangerous world of evil and the temptations and presence of sin remain. Because of this, we must endure.

In an analogy: we are trapped in our bodies and we although our spirit may not want to sin, our flesh continues to desire and carry out sin. We cannot escape sin until we finally die and enter into the Kingdom of God. Ultimately, we are unable and incapable of living a life without sin. We may want to, but we cannot.

After death, when we our resurrected into our new bodies, our spirit will finally be free from flesh and our sinful ways. We will no longer commit sin, desire sin, or be part of evil in any way. This is the ultimate benefit of salvation, in my opinion.

The ultimate benefit of salvation is to live with God and never experience evil or commit sin again.

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